10 reasons to get Post Natal Massage

What is Post Natal Massage?

Post natal massage is a special type of massage that is given to a mother after giving birth to a baby during her confinement period of 30 days. This massage is given for around 10-15 days on a regular basis after giving birth to a baby. The massage usually starts from your feet and slowly moves towards the head. Several oils are available for Post natal massage like mustard oil, coconut oil, herbal oil, etc. Whichever the oil may be used , the important thing is that the massage is really beneficial for a mother.

Post natal massage or post pregnancy massage is very popular these days, because of it’s benefits for contraindications.There are many benefits of post natal massage which can be really advantageous for a mom. The massage provides relaxation, improves the flexibility of muscle, induces good sleep, etc. Here are ten reasons to explain the benefits of a post partum massage.

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Ten reasons to get Post Natal Massage:

  1. Relaxation to the body: This is the most important benefit availed from a massage. A massage of an hour can make you feel very relaxed for the whole day. Post Natal Massage also provides great relaxation to your body. This can be vital for a new mother as she might suffer from a sleepless night, body ache and strain, etc. So it becomes necessary for her to have some relaxation.
  2. Induces blood circulation: After giving birth to a baby, it may so happen that the blood circulation rate in the body may drop down. So it becomes really crucial to stimulate the blood flow. Post natal massage is just the perfect treatment to induce the blood circulation. Good blood circulation will help to create better immunity against several diseases.
  3. Flexibility to the muscle: To give birth to a baby a mother is set to rest for nine months. This long rest may result in stiffness of muscles. But it’s essential that muscles should be flexible so that mom can be active in order to take care of her child. This massage is one of the best ways to provide flexibility to the muscle.
  4. Improves the nervous system: Another notable benefit of post natal massage is that it helps develop a better nervous system. A healthy nervous system ensures that mommies can fight off the barrage of many diseases ,and remove any obstacles in regaining back vitality and vigour after giving birth. Recovery during the confinement is the most important stage because any negative effects caused by delivery can have long lasting ramifications on a woman’s physical and mental health.
  5. Increases good sleep: To be active all day one need to rest properly and to rest properly, it is necessary to have a good sleep. Mommies who have gone through childbirth need much more rest than the average woman to recover from blood loss, pain and depletion of nutrients. But due to the stress of tending to a newborn and and other potentialproblems, this may not be possible for a new mother. A good post natal massage helps to reset your sleep cycle by concentrating on specific accupressure points in your body, and it can induce deep sleep or REM , ensuring that your body gets the proper rest it deserves.
  6. Helps to reduce water weight: A woman gains weight during pregnancy that can be harmful and extremely difficult to be rid of later on. Water weight which is caused by water retention may be put on due to pregnancy. Having regular massages post delivery helps to dispel all the retained ‘wind’ or flatulence and water retention. Once the massage assists the body to eliminate excess body fluids, instant weight loss will be noticeable.

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  1. Helps to reduce stress hormones: Stress hormones may develop during pregnancy in the body of the mother. But it can be reduced to a great extent with post partum care. It is a great way to reduce the stress hormones in the body that can cause many problems in the body. A stressful mother will not be able to take care of her child in the best way possible, and stress can lead to post partum depression in some cases. It is highly recommended that post delivery mommies go for a post pregnancy massage to de-stress.
  2. Pain relief: Different kinds of pain may develop in the body after pregnancy like muscle pain, headache, sciatic pain, etc. Regular post natal massages can act as a great pain reliever due to the soothing and calming hand techniques. A good body massage with specially concocted aromatherapy oil can be the best way to reduce pain.
  3. Induces breast milk production: Mommies that opt to breast feed their little ones pay attention to this- a post natal massage helps in the production of breast milk in a mother. This breast massage helps to release ‘Oxytocin or love hormone’ which triggers and stimulates milk ejection reflex resulting in enhanced milk production. The importance of mother’s milk is well known all over the world. So it becomes really important for the health of the child. The mother should have post natal massage as it will help with giving your child a steady and ample milk supply.
  4. Reduces stretch marks: Another huge advantage of post natal massage is that it helps to reduce the ugly and unsightly stretch marks that may develop after pregnancy. A massage with herbal oils or almond butter is the best to lighten the stretch marks. With regular massage with these oils, the stretch marks will fade away.

Additionally, it is worth noting that women who have had miscarriages will also stand to benefit from having a post natal massage treatment. A miscarriage counts as a delivery, and the impact caused to a woman’s womb will require treatment to nurse her back to health. A lowered uterus can cause very serious health complications in future if left untreated, it is highly recommended to see your nearest pregnancy massage centre therapist immediately if you have suffered a miscarriage.

From above mentioned points, it is well understood how beneficial post natal massages can be. The advantages far outweigh the costs, and no mommy should think of foregoing such an important aspect of post partum recovery.

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