How to cure acne breakouts during pregnancy

Acne breakouts are very common in women during pregnancy. It is caused by an increase of androgen hormones. Due to the increment of androgen in the skin glands, acne grows and produces oily substances. This oily substance can lead to bacterial infection and breakouts.

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According to survey women who have breakouts of acne during their menses have more chances of being affected by pregnancy acne. So it can be really problematic for many women. But fortunately postpartum and pregnancy acne is temporary and does not remain for a long period. It will clear whenever the hormone levels become normal.

You can also try some tips that are non organic to treat your acne problems during the pregnancy, that are really effective and do not have any side effect. You just need to maintain proper routine regarding the following tips which will help to cure acne breakouts during pregnancy.

If you have acne breakouts then you can try the following natural product for skin care like:

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Baking soda: Baking soda can be really effective in drying the oil in your skin. Baking soda has such elements in it that can dry up the oil on the skin. You just need to mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 1 tablespoon of water and make a natural mixture. Then gently apply the mixture to pimples on the face. Let the mixture dry and then wash it off. This will result in drying up the oil in the skin and will promote healing.

Toothpaste – Toothpaste can be an easy way to cure acne and acne marks as well. The clean the acne and help drying it off, so that the redness gradually disappears and the problem is solved.

Face washes – It is best not to use face washes that have alcohol content; rather choose one that has salicylic acid as an ingredient. This will cleanse the pores but without harming the skin.

Ice – Using ice is a common cure to the acne problem. Ice dries the acne to a great extent and also soothes the region, so that the problem can be cured fast.

Steam – Application of steam on the area affected by acne can help in unclogging the pores, thus helping solve the problem of acne during pregnancy.

Tips to avoid acne breakouts during pregnancy:

Go for a Prenatal Massage : During Pregnancy, the body’s toxins are incredibly hard to purge. A prenatal massage can help alleviate stress, provide relief for aches and pains in your back and feet, and also prevent acne breakouts while soothing blotchy skin. Prenatal massage in Singapore typically uses Jamu massage treatments , which are very effective and affordable.

Keep your skin hydrated: It is very important to keep your skin hydrated all the time. You need to drink purified water as much as possible. The more you drink water, the better will be for your skin. Purified water helps keep the body cool and hydrated resulting in protection of the skin.

Avoid carbonated drinks: Carbonated beverages are not good for health in any way. They may provide good taste, but they do not provide any kind of nutrition to the body. Such drinks are quite harmful to skin. So it is better to avoid such beverages.

Have nutritious diet: Importance of nutritious diet cannot be denied. One should have a diet which includes fresh fruits and vegetables, lean source of protein, and healthy fats like nuts. Fruits and vegetables are very important because they are a great source of vitamins and help to stimulate hormones. So you must have a nutritious diet and should avoid fast foods to keep your skin healthy.

Have a good rest and sleep: You should rest well in order to keep your body in good condition that will lead to less chance of acne breakouts. Stress and fatigue can cause acne breakouts. So it is mandatory to have timely rest and sleep well. If you sleep well and timely, then there will be a positive effect on your skin. There will be a reduced chance of acne breakouts.

So as you can see, there are many ways to cure acne breakouts during pregnancy. You just need to follow proper methods which you can follow on a regular basis.

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