Lymphatic Massage techniques

Our body is not always able to excrete all the waste out, especially when you have a surgery. The lymph nodes are the reason of the excretion from the whole of the body. The waste is carried by these nodes from the whole of the body and is then excreted out. It is the body cleansing system. If you have any disorder in the lymph node or your lymph node is completely removed with the result of any surgery, then you need a lymph massage to excrete that waste from that part of your body. It is the best technique to deal with such a situation.

What is a Lymphatic massage?

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Lymphatic massage uses the stimulation of some tissues that in turn stimulates the lymph node or the waste excretion system in some particular parts of the body. The lymphatic massage uses certain pressure points. These pressure points when stimulated in the perfect manner, stimulates the excretion from the body. Lymphedema is a medical complication which occurs due to any surgery. If you have gone through a surgery, it is possible that the lymphatic node of that part is also removed. In such a situation the excretion is stopped from that part. Lymphatic massage pumps the waste from that part of the body to the nearest lymphatic node using pressure points.

Lymphatic massage techniques

There are mainly two types of lymphatic massage techniques.

  • The clearing
  • The reabsorption

They work like two stages and in the end; your body is able to excrete the waste from your body.


Clearing is the preparation of the body to get the excretion started. It involves the supraclavicular lymph area, axillary lymph area, and the elbow. You have to massage all these points to get the excretion started.

How to do Clearing?

In the first step of clearing the supraclavicular lymph area is quite easy. You have to

  1. Lie on a smooth and comfortable surface.
  2. Cross your hands on your chest while placing your hands on your collar bone.
  3. Press the arms upward toward the face. It will increase the pressure in the supraclavicular lymph area.

For the clearing of axillary lymph part, you have to

  1. Raise your hand above your head.
  2. Gently massage the back of your hand by rubbing the skin downwards from the elbow to the underarm.
  3. Not much pressure is required, all you need to do is to move the skin surface.

For the last step of cleansing procedure, you have to

  1. Place your hand straight on the ground while lying down.
  2. Pull the skin inside your elbow gently by your other hand. Repeat it many times while pulling the skin up to an inch.


Now your body is ready to undergo the lymphatic exercise. Now you can do the real work to excrete the waste from a specific part of your body. You have to follow a simple rule to do that.

How to do reabsorption?

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You have to rub the affected area gently and move the skin from that area. This is to be done from the point farthest to the core of the body. It means that if you have lymphedema in the knee, then you have to start rubbing your body from the feet. You must rub the body gently, and no pressure is to be applied. All the pressure that is needed is to move the skin of the part your hand is massaging. Repeat the step several times and in the end, you will have a waste free body part. It can also have treated your lymphedema.

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