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unspecified (1)Welcome to LocalPregnancyoptions.org i’m the blog owner Charmaine Cheng from the east side of sunny Singapore.
I’m not an experienced blogger, but a former risk assessment consultant in the financial services sector who is now a full time mom.
Seeing as I now have more free time on my hands, i thought : ” Why not start an online blog about pregnancies and motherhood issues?”
And so I did. Granted, i am not using this blog to promote or shame anyone publicly or to earn any form of profits, but to help confused mothers to make better decisions.
As a mother of two girls, i have tried a variety of prenatal massages and post natal massages in Singapore during and after my pregnancies.
Having encountered a few good ones and some not so great services, I thought I would create a blog that would collate articles and carefully curated info on the various pregnancy massage providers in Singapore , helpful guides and such and share them with every expectant mom to be as I found them to be really useful during my own pregnancies.In future, i’d perhaps also like to include reviews of maternity products, events and anything else mommies can find helpful.

This blog is not intended for monetization or advertising purposes, but if there is a good relevant promotion for mommies to enjoy, i may consider showing it on my blog- Contact me to check if your content/purpose is relevant and acceptable to be featured on this site.

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